Our Story

Earth Growers owner Brian Maisenbacher has dedicated his life to becoming the best farmer he possibly can be. He is mission-driven to help others have success in growing food and medicinal crops for their communities and their families.

He is passionate about finding solutions to help farmers become more regenerative and profitable. Brian has wholeheartedly spent over a decade working on farms, heritage orchards, cattle ranches, doing landscaping, and designing farms and home gardens around Arizona, California, and the Midwest.

He also spent time working in Kenya to help build farms and provide fresh water for children's homes and churches with Love Mercy Organization. 

He studied Permaculture Design at Oregon State University, Korean Natural Farming with Chris Trump, Soil Health with Nicole Masters, Microbial Density and Diversity Analysis with Dr. Mary Lucero, as well as Microscopy and the Soil Food Web with Dr. Elaine Ingham. 

Brian embodies the philosophy of working with the rhythms of Nature and allowing it to be a conduit to become a better human being. He created Earth Grower LLC to help him achieve these goals in himself, and to help others become stronger more resilient farmers.

Earth Grower travels nationwide and internationally to work with farmers.