For every thousand people who dream about the abundance of farming and the rural life, only 10 ever actually move to a farm and of those, only one probably ever makes it work. Brian is one of those people.

Bill McDorman

Co-founder Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance and author of Basic Seed Saving

It is with much enthusiasm that I write about Brian Maisenbacher who served in Kenya, East Africa under Love Mercy Projects. Love Mercy Projects is a Community Based Organization that among other things, provides clean water to villages and helps small farmers in poor villages grow healthy organic food. Brian, committed himself as a volunteer in the education and training of the farmers to utilize and maximize their small farms and be able to feed their families all year round. He brought with him wealth of knowledge in agriculture, especially in the areas of organic farming and making use of readily available resources for farming. For instance, farmers got to learn how to enrich their soil without the use of expensive soil enrichers.

This was life transforming, and a game changer as farmers embraced new ways of farming. Initially, farmers in this part of the country knew just to grow maize, have a single harvest, eat the harvest in a month and be left without food for the rest of the year. Their farms were now sustainable.

Brian’s training is still being used by the farmers, and his advice to growers of food being implemented each planting season.

Please let me know if I can provide any more information about Brian’s life transforming service in Kenya.


Maina Mwangi

Director Love Mercy Projects - Kitale, Kenya.


Brian’s methodical approach combined with organization and creativity make him a great farmer and consultant. I often utilize Brian’s observation to help me properly diagnose plant diseases, identify pests and strategize budget-appropriate solutions to manage issues faced on my farm. If you need consultation on your garden, farm, or orchard, I would confidently recommend Brian.

Luke Hammond



It is my pleasure to recommend Brian Maisenbacher for your next farm or agriculture project. As the director of Earth Citizens Organization, I have worked with Brian for over 2 years and he has performed as ECO Farm’s manager for the past year.

I am confident that Brian’s knowledge and skills, professional experience, and personal qualities will make him a powerful asset to your team and/or project. As ECO Farm’s manager, Brian demonstrated his knowledge of how to farm productively and work with our ever changing environment.

In particular, as our project was evolving due to expansion as well natural challenges, Brian was able to adapt and his flexibility and understanding made it easy to work with. He was always willing to put on different “metaphorical hats” and play many roles to make the project succeed. Brian’s attention to detail and professionalism drove his passion to create an organized and clean environment and create work processes and systems that co-workers and volunteers could easily follow. I have no doubt that Brian will make a strong addition to your team.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding his candidacy or past work.


Paul Yanson Director,

Earth Citizens Organization

Cottonwood, AZ


After our retirement my husband and I volunteered on organic farms so that we could reconnect to our roots. We both were raised on a farm, but somehow after many years of working in the cooperate world, we forgot much of what we learned in our youth. One of the farms we did volunteer work at was the ECO-Farm in Cottonwood Arizona. That is where we met Brian. It was such a joy working with someone who is so passionate and enthusiastic about organic gardening and soil science. He worked at our side and patiently taught us about the different types of seeds, how to plant seeds, propagate plants, how to nurture and care for your crops, how to make compost tea, and how to harvest crops and prep them for market. It was such a joy working with Brian at the ECO-Farm. From everything we have learned from Brian, we now feel confident that we can be a good stewards of our own garden!

Margie and David Swenson

It is with a great deal of pride that I strongly recommend Brian Maisenbacher for employment. I have personally taught Brian at Yavapai College in a selection of Agriculture Technology Management Classes focused on Horticulture.

I have found him to be intelligent, driven and passionate about his education. He is a student I trust and rely on his opinion. He has made huge differences with unique ideas and leadership. Brian is a motivated individual. He has thrived in my classes, and has taken the lead on many projects. He is entrepreneurial in his ideas, and is not just interested in “taking classes” he is planning his future combining education with experience.

Brian is great to have in Lab classes, as he is always helping and solving problems. He works very well with others, and gives off very warm and calm personality. These small interpersonal opportunities make teaching people like Brian so enjoyable. His achievement and selflessness will no doubt transition to his future. Brian’s farming and general growing knowledge has been an asset that he brought to classes. I am aware of his many work experiences, and we often compared notes about growing techniques and his successes.

He readily shares this information while encouraging other fellow growers. Brian gets involved in community events and is giving with his time. I have also known Brian to be very loyal to his employers. I have seen Brian thrive as a student, worker and volunteer. He has a kind and warm nature. I consider him an expert in growing, and an asset to any organization!

If you would like additional information about Brian, you can telephone me at

(928) 717-7724

or send me an e-mail: justin.brereton@yc.edu


Justin Brereton,

Yavapai College Agribusiness Professor

I am writing in regard to the Arborists skills of Brian Maisenbacher. I have been working with the early homestead orchards of Oak Creek Canyon for 30 years now. Brian worked for me for 4 full growing seasons in all aspects of orchard management. Pruning to organically oriented pest and disease control, fruit thinning, harvest and marketing, as well as upkeep and maintenance of various pieces of equipment and machinery.

I consider pruning to be one of the more challenging aspects in the field of orchard management. In our situation we are often at the top step of 10-12’ ladders pruning 100 year old apple trees. The majority of our trees are apple , but also include peaches, apricots, plums and pears. Each with different growth habits, thus different pruning needs. From shaping newly planted trees to rejuvenating old over grown fruit trees with a knowledge of where and when to make proper heading and thinning cuts while keeping an overall view of tree shape and balance. Brian's time with me has covered all of these aspects. I feel he has demonstrated a level of mastery in the art of fruit tree care.


Rob Lautze

Orchard Canyon Inn

Sedona, AZ

Orchard Manager

(928) 301-5434

All my experiences working with Brian have been positive. It seems rare these days to meet someone who has depth of knowledge, good work ethic and is enjoyable to work with. From his work on our greenhouse to the irrigation system to the fruit trees, his work has always been the best.

-Peter Marsh

Healing Homestead 

Cornville, AZ

So thankful to have met and become friends with Brian.

He's a legit scientist and has been an invaluable source of knowledge and consultation about soil science and sustainability.

We ❤️You Brian

Brad Heath

Leafy Lanes Urban Farms 

Richmond Virginia 


I strongly recommend Brian Maisenbacher for his expertise in agricultural productions with more interest in growing food naturally. I currently work with Brian in the capacity as Agricultural Extension Agent at Bent River Farm where he is the farm manager. We are currently working on a soil health project to assess different cover crops performance on nitrogen fixation in Central Arizona and other projects. He is a smart farmer with drive and passion. We are going to host a joint Regenerative Agricultural Field day where we will share with other farmers topics relating to soil. He is entrepreneurial with good leadership and a go get spirit. He is very passionate about scientific research, so he supports me on me research work on their farm and will benefit from the scientific information for on-farm decision-making. He is a calm person and works very well with others. Brian’s farming and general growing knowledge is an asset to others he interacts with. He transformed Bent River Farm into a market garden in less than a year and is always ready to share his inovative knowledge and is very loyal.

If you would like additional information about Brian, you can telephone me at (928) 274-4826 or send me an e-mail: mpangai@arizona.edu


Dr. Isaac Mpanga

University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Agent

It’s one thing to teach permaculture. But to actually live and coexist with nature. While learning himself, every step of the way. That Is Truly on another level. I recommend Brian for so many aspects of life. Farming and permaculture practices would most certainly be at the top. He believes what he does. And he does what he believes. 

Leon Rael

13th clover farms

New Mexico

Brian has a great knowledge about collecting, growing, and brewing of microorganisms. He understands EM-1 and Korean Natural Farming practices. He is able to explain how, why, and when to apply each. The benefits of using microorganisms in a garden/orchard/landscape are incredible! He is an earth grower!

Ryan Oberlander

Brian Became apart of our family for over a month on our Bee farm on the big island of Hawaii. It was a pleasure working with him. He worked very hard and was very reliable. He had a wide variety of knowledge and skills and he was a great asset to our team. He helped work in the hives and extract honey and he is also an amazing Chef! He could do anything we asked him too and he would get it done in record time. If he lived on the big island I would have him apart of my team full-time. He was a total pleasure to have around and work with!

Thank you again Brian , we hope to have you back again soon!!


-Autumn Gormick

Hawaii Bee Company

We first noticed the amazing services Earth Grower offers while scrolling our feed on Instagram. As a no-till farmer it warms my heart to see an even younger farmer than myself promoting cover crops and Microbes! Brian has done work all around the area including our neighbor's grass fed cattle ranch; we think this is so rad! (And completely necessary)

As a person, Brian is a great listener and has experience to offer a grower of all types. We really enjoyed having him come out to collect samples from our soil system, and even more elated when the analysis came back. I have read a decent number of soil analysis in my day, and this was a very legible, clear, and comprehensive look into my field.

Thank you Brian!

Josh and Jill 

-Community Roots 

Cornville, AZ


I was so happy to have been connected with Brian through an associate equally passionate about soil health. I was eager to find someone local who understood and valued the soil food web approach to composting and who I could turn to for microscopy work. For us at 301 Organics, the quality of compost we produce for our clients, like the Rose Bowl Stadium and our homeowners, is of utmost importance. Knowing what "lives" in our compost is critical for our operations as it gives us the confidence we need when deciding on when, where and how to use the finished material. With Brian's extensive microscopy experience, I feel very much supported and know our operations will only improve from the recommendations and insights he shared. He is not only personable but professional and I very much appreciated receiving his calls to discuss our soil samples before we even received the report. I have learned so much already from Brian and eager to put to practice his recommendations.

Christine Lenches-Hinkel

301 Organics


I had the good fortune of meeting Brian at an event where he was speaking about regenerative agriculture. I contacted him for a consultation to assess my property and take some soil samples. Not only was I extremely impressed with his knowledge but also that he took the time to find out exactly what my goals were and established a context for what I was trying to do. He answered all of my questions thoroughly, gave me a lot of wonderful suggestions and helped me visualize how to turn my property into a food forest. Which was really exciting and exceeded my expectations of what was possible. I highly recommend Brian. You are in excellent and capable hands with him.

David Rogge

Ojai, CA


I met Brian at an Acres USA conference in Cincinnati by over hearing him talk about Korean Natural Farming. Right away I could tell he was a knowledgeable farmer. We kept in touch since then. Recently he helped me with a couple large scale compost tea brewer projects. It was a bit of a struggle because there is not much information on building large vortex brewers. Brian quickly figured out a good way to build it with what I had available. Instead of insisting on buying a bunch of parts, or overpaying for a new brewer we figured out a design that would work.

I am very thankful for his help, and would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Nick Matic

Owner of Matic Hop Farms


We had Earth Grower come out to our small farm to test our soil. He had so much knowledge and great advice! We learned more about composting and how to bring our soil in our grove back to life. Very excited to start implementing his techniques and see all the fruits of our labor!

Jen Bennett

Several Oaks

Fillmore, CA


Brian with Earth Grower has played a major role in our soil health research project and furthering our own understanding of living soils. He has been amazing to work with from the start, and continues to offer his knowledge and expertise to help us improve the resiliency of our small farm. I would not hesitate to hire Brian again for future consultations!

Jonah Sloven 

Sweet Hollow Farm 

Victor, ID


Shout out to Brian for recommending where to send my soil sample, telling me how to collect samples, breaking down the reading for me, and then telling me how to make the proper adjustments for the garden.

He really simplified the reading and also gave me a recommendation for books I should look into that will further my knowledge with soil.

It’s a blessing having someone in the community that provides such great services. I would highly recommend Earth Grower LLC to other people/clients in the future.

One love, and thank you again for your amazing services.

-Dujon Blondel

Cultivating Classics

Samoa CA, Humbolt County 

We recently had the pleasure of working with Brian from Earth Grower. He assisted our farm with building of our 60 foot all metal hoop house.

Brian arrived on time and ready to work. His work ethic is very efficient and he kept it as simple as possible for us. Such a hardworking individual, Brian showed his talents and wits on constructing our microgreen food tunnel. It was an amazing experience as we just flowed with ideas and executed with prompt intent action.

What’s great about Brian is that he is very easy to work with, his demeanor is not demanding but he is very attentive to the details. He strives for excellence. Our greens house turned out better than expected and is now producing hundreds of pounds of food per week.

We cannot thank Brian and Grae enough for their presence and expertise. They really made the process very seamless. We would hire and recommend Brian a hundred times over.

We look forward to working with this team again!

Blessings and Love,

Nathaniel Scott (Urban Farmer)


IG: Creation Family Farms


Brian was a wonderful consultant. He dedicated his full time and attention to answering each and every question given to him with his unique insight and knowledge. He did a great job in identifying the purpose of the farm and setting out a plan to achieve goals. He gave clear and concise plans for how to proceed tailored to the distinct circumstances and state of the farm, from what exactly the land needed to a roadmap of how to proceed for the coming years.

Joseph Puletti

Ether Farms

Petersburg, VA


Brian is amazing, from the first time that he came to my farm he had insight, knowledge and perspective that was helpful and unique from mine and my husband's. He did soil tests that we used for our Regenerative Organic Audit and Certification. We used him again when we bought more land in Texas because he did such a great professional job in California.

Mollie Engelhart


Sow a Heart Farm

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Brian's work via Instagram. His love & knowledge for the soil clearly shone through all of his work. Not only is he passionate about the work but he has a deep understanding of the soil. He recently completed a microbial analysis for me that has been extremely helpful in helping me better assess the health of the microbiology in my soil. He is efficient, knowledgeable & kind. Definitely recommend his services to anyone interested!

Justin 'Jules' Giuliano

Rosy Soil Atlanta, GA


Brian is a gifted teacher, gentle spirit and hard working young man. I started working with Brian on soil testing at my home in Pasadena, CA and that quickly morphed into tissue sampling, water testing and compost evaluation. Brian has and continues to help us discover and expound on the efficacies of our deep watering device the Root Quencher and is helping us not only improve our growing environments throughout our property but is teaching us how to better utilize our local natural resources to grow our plants and trees more effectively. He and Grae are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to years of partnership.

Robert Summers

Indeep Irrigation 

Pasadena, CA